Wednesday, March 9

A few Random things

*I jinxed myself by telling the blog world that I didn't have stretch marks. They really just appeared overnight one night. So depressing. I was so close!!
I'm thinking of trying Elastin3.

Has anyone ever heard of it or used it? Or have any advice of good stretch mark creams?

*Apparently being hugely pregnant is a big conversation starter. I haven't gone one place in the last month that someone hasn't commented on or rubbed my belly. Seriously...EVERY SINGLE PLACE I go. It makes me laugh what some people come up with or feel comfortable asking a stranger. I honestly have never ever had the desire to walk up to a pregnant stranger & touch her belly. Most of the time it really doesn't bother me that much, it's just funny to me how forward some people are.
I've had 2 people in the last week ask how many babies are in there. Good thing I actually have more than one in there or else I might have hit them in the face! ;)
Clearly I'm getting really big, but why would you ever ask someone that?!

*My doctor wanted me to stop working at 34 weeks, so I finished out the month of February & then quit. I've been not working for a week now & I'm starting to go crazy. There are so many things I want to get done around my house but it's hard to find the energy. I figure I should try to get as much sleep as possible while I can but that isn't working out so well either.
Nights are miserable. It's hard to get comfortable & then I finally do but I'm up every hour to go to the bathroom so it starts all over again. I'm usually more comfortable on the couch then in my bed so sometimes I end up sleeping on the couch. Taking a nap during the day usually makes it harder to sleep at night, but these days I don't even care anymore. I sleep when I can. And I figure that's how it will be when the twins are here anyway.
Ok, I'm done complaining now! :)

*Jeff's basketball team played in the championship game last week.
It was such a close game the whole time. We were winning by 5 with 40 seconds left but the other team came back & tied it and then won in overtime. It was sad, but a fun game to watch.

Last weekend we went to a movie at the mall with Mike. While we were waiting for the movie to start we had to try out this Hurricane Simulator that was right outside the theater. You get inside and then it blows 78 mph winds at you.

Everyone that was walking past stopped to watch.

*We had a doctor's appointment yesterday & got some great news! :)
He talked to the Perinatologist & she told him she wants me to deliver at 37 weeks!
So Wednesday, March 16th will be the day!!
One week!
I think this is going to be the longest week of my life! ;)


Julie said...

I don't know that stretch mark creams really work, but they will fade over time. I always got asked if I was sure I wasn't having twins, and I WASN'T! At least you have an excuse for being that big! One week is nothing, in about 3 weeks you may be wishing you were still pregnant as they are easier to take care of inside you than out! ;) What hospital are you delivering at?

Jacob and Nicole said...

I can't believe how close you are!! That is so crazy! Sooo I learned something during my second pregnancy that I wish I had learned during my first that REALLY helped! Don't drink ANYTHING after 6 pm. Drink tons of water all afternoon, but stop at 6. When I did that I was able to go the whole night without having to get up to pee!

Lindsy Hartsock said...

I wish I could say that the stretch marks would go away with a magic cream. Unfortunately for me my "twin skin" (which got bad the last two weeks of pregnancy) is going strong and will probably be there unless I get a tummy tuck but I guess it is just my proud mama mark for getting such beautiful least that is what I tell myself when I look in the mirror. :) I cannot believe the comments I got when I was pregnant either and they just keep coming once they come, but I remember coming home from church at 37 weeks crying and refusing to go back until I delivered because of all the "well-meaning" comments. Ha. The sleep thing totally stinks too. I used lots of pillows tucked everywhere and that seemed to help along with a mattress pad and although you aren't going to be getting more sleep soon at least the little bit you get to lay in bed will be more comfortable. :) Good luck with the delivery. A c-section was a bit more intense than I expected, (although mine was an "emergency" so maybe that made it more stressful?) but anyway just take it easy and you will do great. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe these babies will be here so soon! You are a trooper! Good luck with everything! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

Scott, Fia, Tre, and CJ said...

LOL! I love this post Meg! I have the horrible stretch marks too, but you'll find that they fade fast as you lose weight. Some of mine have completely gone away :) Ugh...and remember the end of softball season last year. I was 38 weeks and a lady walked up and said, "How far along are you?" When I told her 38, she said, "Yeah I figured you were close if not overdue. You're huge." Thanks beotch. Exactly what I wanted to hear! I can't wait to see them and you at softball games :) Hooray for March 16th!

The Rowburys said...

Don't waste your money on stretch mark cream. We just learned in school about stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused by damaged elastin in the lowest layer of your skin. Once elastin is damaged it cannot be repaired. Your stretch marks will fade over time. The best thing that you can do is keep your stomach hydrated. Make sure that the lotion you are using has vitamins in it, like A, C, and E.

I'm so excited for you and Jeff! I know you guys will be amazing parents! Oh, and I love your maternity pictures, you look so beautiful!

Ryan and Tammy said...

Bio oil is the only thing that worked for me. Used it for a few months and it works awesome