Thursday, March 24


I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures right now & write about the whole birth story later on.

Wrigley Maria Sonnenberg
Born March 16, 2011 at 1:49 pm
6lbs 1oz 19.5 inches long

Morley Jillayne Sonnenberg
Born March 16, 2011 at 1:50 pm
5lbs 3oz 18.5 inches long

Seeing Wrigley for the first time.

I just think this picture is so funny of Morley :)

Morley meeting Grandpa & Grandma Erickson & her aunts & uncles.

Meeting uncle Mike.

Daddy & Morley.

Our poor baby girl. These pictures make me want to cry. :(

Yay, no more ventilator!

Jeff's grandparents came to see the girls & even got to go up to the NICU with Jeff to see Wrigley. The twins are their 51st & 52nd great grandchildren!!

Caitlin came to visit also!
(Don't mind how gross I look in all these pictures.)

We had more family and friends come visit & I wish I had gotten pictures of everyone!

Little Morley hanging out in the hospital.

Taking a nap with daddy in the hospital.

Feeding Wrigley in the NICU.

We brought Morley home on Sunday.

Trying to get a picture with her eyes open.

Uncle Matthew got a concussion at school on Tuesday, so he got to come hang out with us all day yesterday.

Wrigley got to come home on Wednesday!!!

First time they were together since they were born.

I sat in the back seat in between them on the way home.

Mommy & Wrigley at home.

Both my girls!!

They didn't want their picture taken together.

Daddy & his girls! :)

We love having both our girls in one place!!


Allison Stromberg said...

oh my goodness! i cant even believe that they are finally here! i hope the labor went ok and wasn't so bad for u!! at least u got that part done! :) me and james must come visit when u get everything settled and are accepting visitors!! let us know when we can come! i cant wait to meet them

Melissa said...

So cute!!! Congratulations!

ThE CaRr SuPeRsTaRs said...

they are both STUNNING!!! I love how blonde they are! :) I can't wait to meet them! And Meg remember there seriously is NOTHING more beautiful than being a Mom.... no matter how haggerd we may feel at tiems! haha :) CONGRATS!!!

Grandma Honey said...

I've been checking several times a day for pictures ever since your Grandma told me the babies were I was so excited to see them today! And they are BEAUTIFUL!! What little blondies they are. How fun they are indentical! My husband has identical twin daughters and they are still very close friends.

I know you are going to get this question for the rest of your life...but do you have a hard time telling them apart?

I hope you don't mind if I put a picture of your babies on my blog in the next few days. I know my family would be very interested in seeing them...and they are just SO CUTE!

Natalie said...

Oh my heck---your girls are gorgeous Megan! Great job! They are seriously so precious. I hope you are recovering well. You are going to be the best little momma! Congrats!

Amy Nielson said...

I love seeing them together!! :) All the pictures are so fun. Wish I could be there to meet them already. It's breaking my heart but we will come soon!! They are truly very beautiful girls!!

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Brings back lots of memories!! So fun. Hope all goes well with recovery and trying to get enough rest. :)

SARIE said...

Megs, congrats! So glad to hear you are all home safe and sound!

Chelle! said...

These pictures are adorable! You are the cutest mom and of course, the greatest!!! Congratulations!

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Megan - You're a mom! How crazy is that :) It seems like only yesterday we were just kids, swimming in your pool and riding bikes around the neighborhood...
I'm so excited for the both of you and these new additions to your family, they are adorable little girls! Congrats to you both and to them for making it to your arms safely and perfectly! Enjoy :) Hope all is going well! Love ya Meg!