Saturday, February 12

Baby Shower

Last Saturday Caitlin, Brittany & Joy threw me a baby shower!
Isn't this the cutest invitation you've ever seen?!
I'm in love with it! :)



Right when you walked in the door, there was a candy bar with pink
Sweet Tarts,
Sour Patch Watermelons
& some other yummy candy with little bags for everyone to take some home with them.
Also on that table was a guessing game. There were 3 little jars with stuff in them & whoever guessed closest to the right amount won a prize.
(I wish I had a picture of the table, but I didn't get one.)

Caitlin thinks it's so funny that wherever we go people always ask me the same questions over & over! So she came up with a brilliant idea!
These were on the front table also so that I wouldn't have to answer the same questions a million times!

And I got lots of great advice! :)

Here is the food table.
We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit, salad, crackers & dip and some yummy cupcakes!

We played a Memory game with all things "baby" related. When you got a match you won a prize that corresponded to the match you got.
For example, the prize for "umbilical cord" was Twizzlers Pull n' Peel.
It was such a cute game!

I wish I had gotten pictures with everyone who came.
I should have been more on top of that.

Present time!!

Jeff's aunt Claire made these way cute quilts for the twins.
She has made a quilt for every one of the Sonnenberg great-grandchildren. That's 49 so far!
I absolutely love them!!

My friend, Cassie made this awesome diaper cake!
It had lots of goodies in it like lotion, baby powder, baby oil, wash rags, bottles, binkis, bibs & more that I can't remember right this second!

Everyone was so nice & we got some really great things!

Joy, Caitlin & me.
I'm sad we didn't get a picture before Brittany left :(
They went to so much work to put this together for me & I am so grateful for all they did!! It was perfect!

We feel so so grateful for all the love & support from our friends & family!
These are two lucky little girls! :) We can't wait to meet them!

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Amy Nielson said...

Looks like so much fun!! Glad you got so much great stuff for those baby nieces of mine. :)