Wednesday, February 16

33 Weeks

We had an OB appointment yesterday & they tell me that the babies are doing great & I'm doing great & to keep hanging in there.
I'm measuring 36 cm now & gained 3 more pounds.
I'm feeling huge!
But good news....I still have ZERO stretch marks! :)

Today was non-stress test #2.
Last week I was there for over an hour because the babies did not want to cooperate.
Apparently they don't like having the monitors on my stomach & think it's fun to kick them off every few minutes!
Today they were a little more cooperative, but not much.
I think we are going to have our hands full with these two!
Less than 5 weeks to go. I'm counting down the days! :)


Heather Strong said...

Yay for no stretch marks!! I didn't get any with Emmett but got a couple really small ones with Abby. They didn't show up until like week 38 1/2, though, ha ha. We do need to meet up and make our exchange of goods ha ha. I have all sorts of things for you guys if you want them. I keep walking around my house and finding more things I either never used or don't need anymore (newborn diapers). We'll figure out a time to meet. If you guys ever come up to Salt Lake, let us know and we can meet you somewhere and if we come down there, we will let you know!

Amy Nielson said...

Is that a basketball in your tummy??? ;) Oh Meg, you are SO close!!!! Hang on, you can do it!!

Weston and Nicole said...

You seriously look amazing! Way to go! Im so happy you got a massage too. Thayer the best when prego! Hang in there! Glad to hear everyone is so healthy!