Thursday, April 1

letter from Maggie

Jeff & I went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday.
While we were there, Maggie (my 8 year old little sister) handed me a folded up piece of paper
that said "To: Meg & Jeff" on the outside.
I opened it up & here is what it said....

Dear Megan & Jeff Sonnenberg
Do you have anything specall (special) to say to the family?
Cause if you do than we relly (really) wont (want) to now (know).
So please tell us anything you haven't told us than tell us as soon as you
Guess what? I found a new pencel (pencil) and it's so cool and back to what
I was writing before ok?
So if you have anything you have not told us about you that you just found out
about tell us. Like your going to have a baby. I'm just saying.
So if you have just found something out at the doctor. Tell us.
We love you no matter what happens.
You rock.
Your awesome.
Maggie & Alyson
(Alyson is her baby doll)

I think she wants us to have a baby.
(And in case you're I am not pregnant.)


Amy Nielson said...

She is such a funny girl!!! I love the letter. :) And that's so cute that she named her baby doll Alyson.

Melinda said...


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Lol! That is so cute! Does it make you want to be prego though? :)