Saturday, July 25

Happy Pioneer Day (yesterday)

What a great holiday to remember & celebrate those who came before & settled this great land!

Jeff & I both had to work yesterday, which was kinda stinky. I would have loved to go to, or at least watched, the Days of '47 Parade. (3rd largest parade in the nation) I did have the afternoon off though & was able to get some things done around the house & run some errands. I even got a nap in :) When Jeff got off work we went to Bronson & Tara's to barbecue. Then headed to the Fiesta Days Rodeo down in Spanish Fork.

It was Emory's first rodeo & she loved it.

I look wasted. I took a Benadryl right before we went. I was so out of it.

It rained on us for maybe the first hour, but then cleared up for the rest of it.

They did fireworks at the end. My favorite! My camera was dead so I couldn't take any pictures. Fun day!

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Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Woohoo Meg! I just found your blog :) Hope you don't mind if I stop in every once in awhile. It's so darn cute :)