Monday, June 18

Melinda Graduates

At the end of May Melinda graduated.
From Seminary & from High School. 
So proud.
We went to her Seminary graduation & the girls seemed pretty confused why we were at church for the 2nd time that day. But they didn't mind because they had so many people to entertain them. 

 She was the only girl from her ward :)

They do Seminary graduations by Stake and I was thinking back to my Seminary graduation and remembering how weird it was. We moved to Spanish Fork my Junior year of high school but I kept going to Provo High. So my Seminary graduation was with my Spanish Fork stake where I didn't really know anyone & they asked me to speak. I still find it pretty weird. 

A few weeks later we went to her High School graduation. 
It was at noon. Naptime. 
So I was extremely worried how the girls would handle it.I really didn't think I'd see much of it. I thought I'd spend it in the hall. 
But they were amazing! I didn't have to leave even once!
I brought lots of books & toys & snacks to keep them entertained and they did so well.
Morley even fell asleep on my dad's shoulder. 
That never happens. 

I'm so proud of Melinda. And just can't believe she's a high school graduate. 

Check out her awesome shoes.

Way to go, Melinda! You did it!

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