Wednesday, September 21


Mors, Little Squirt, Morley J.

Age: 6 months.
Weight: 15 pounds 3 ounces. (33rd percentile)
Length: 27 inches. (86th percentile)
Head: 16 inches. (7th percentile)

~Sucking on her bink.
~Oatmeal/Rice cereal.
This girl has a lot to say. Seriously. She doesn't ever stop jabbering. I love it.
~To suck on her fingers.
She always wants her hands in her mouth. Always. Even when she's eating. She tries to put her fingers in while she's sucking on her bink or bottle. 
The highest pitch scream I've ever heard. She screams when she's happy. She screams when she's mad. She screams when she's excited. Funniest thing ever.
She smiles at anyone and everyone wherever we go! Everyone falls in love with her. We've been told multiple times how her smile lights up the room! It definitely makes my day better every time I see it. She's such a happy little thing and that's one of my favorite things about her!
This little girl is definitely a mommy's girl! I'm not complaining :) It makes me feel good that she loves me so much!
Baths, swimming pools, rain, showers. She loves it all.
It's funny how she knows the difference between adults and little kids. She definitely prefers kids. She LOVES to watch them play.
She army crawls and she's really quick! It wouldn't surprise me if she starts crawling before Wrigley.

~Car Rides
Okay, so she probably doesn't dislike Wrigley but she definitely is scared of her. She whines/fusses anytime Wrigley gets near her. She's learned that when Wrigley is near she's going to get attacked! ;)
~Eating (bottle)
She has so many more important things to do to take time to eat. Seriously. It takes like years to get her through a bottle.
~Being left alone in a room. 
If she can't see anyone, she freaks out.
If I lay her in her crib alone she cries. As soon as I lay Wrigley next to her she calms down and goes to sleep. (The only time she likes Wrigley ;) It's really sweet.

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