Thursday, January 6

Happy Baby Year!!

Is it really already 2011??
Our babies are going to be here this year! Yay! :)

We had no big plans for New Year's Eve this year, so we ended up going over to hang out at my parents house.
Mckay & Marsh were both out with friends, but everyone ended up back home by midnight. Marsh brought 2 friends & 2 of my cousins back with him & we had fun hanging out with all of them.
Most of the night was spent playing Dance Two on the Wii!
We even got my parents to play! :) (This was before everyone came over.)
My dad took our phones away before they started so we couldn't record it. But after they started dancing, we sent Maggie upstairs to get the camera.

Don't tell them I put this on here!! :)

To be fair I will put up a video of Melinda & me too.

I love how Maggie is in the back doing it with us!
Funnest game EVER!

My family was so nice & came over on New Year's day to "help us" paint the baby room!
By "help us" I mean they did it all. My mom didn't want me in there breathing in the paint fumes.
But I had it all taped up & ready to go before they got there so I felt like I helped too! :)

I love how it turned out & will post pictures when I get everything all set up!

We hope everyone had a great New Year's!
We are so excited for this new year & all that it has in store for us!! :)

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Julie said...

Very funny. We had fun laughing at my mom playing Wii tennis, and David is so funny to watch play tennis, he jumps all over the place!