Wednesday, October 6

My 24th Birthday

I had such a fun birthday this year!
We kind of started celebrating Thursday night. Jeff's grandparents gave us an Olive Garden gift
card, so we went there for dinner on Thursday.
My dad & brothers went to Denver for the weekend to go to a Rockies game, so on Friday night
I went out with my mom & sisters. First we went to the football game at Melinda's school for a
few minutes just to hear her sing the National Anthem. Then we went to Los Hermanos for dinner.
(Mexican food is one of the very few things that sound good to me lately.)
Then we went to Walmart & bought treats & rented The Last Song & watched it. I didn't love it.
It might have been better if it didn't have Miley Cyrus in it. She bothers me. But also, I recently
read the book & LOVED it. The movie hardly followed the book at all. So annoying.
Saturday (my actual birthday), I had to go into work for a little bit in the morning. When I came
home Jeff told me we could do whatever I wanted to do all day. So we did :) We went to Costa
Vida for lunch. My favorite!! Then we went to the BYU football game in the afternoon. They lost, but it was still fun to be there.
We parked my car at the carwash & Jeff had them wash, wax & completely detail the inside of my car while we were at the game.
I didn't know they were doing it until we got back there. It looked so good!!
After the game we made dinner & then went to Brick Oven for a COOKIE MONSTER.
We used to do that quite a bit while we were dating & I always loved it.
But I gotta say, being pregnant has totally ruined food for me. Nothing tastes the same. Nothing
sits well. I'm so uncomfortable after eating, no matter what or how much I eat. It's depressing.
Don't worry, I know all of this will be SO worth it :)
Anyways, after we had our Cookie Monster we were going to go to Trafalga & play some Mini
Golf, but I wasn't feeling so great. So instead we went home & played a game and Jeff let me
open my gift! He (with the help of Caitlin) got me two super cute skirts! (Thanks Cait!)
Sunday was Jeff's cousin, Jimmy's mission farewell. So we got to spend a couple hours with
a bunch of Jeff's family, which was so fun!
That evening we went to dinner at my parents house & they threw a little birthday party for me.
Which was the only thing I got pictures all weekend. Sad.

Melinda: "This is my 'you sneezed on me face.'" :)

I've never been a huge fan of cake, so on my birthday my mom always makes cheesecake.
We might have to figure out a new dessert for my future birthdays because I went home
& threw up cheesecake all night.

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, cards & gifts. I was so spoiled & feel so lucky to
have such awesome family & friends!

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Amy Nielson said...

See I *knew* you still looked all skinny and stuff!!! :P Since these were taken just a few weeks ago I am going to venture to say that not much has changed since then. :D

Seriously, sounds like a really fun birthday weekend. Glad you got spoiled!! What are those gifts in the pictures? I can't tell