Saturday, June 19

All night Softball

Last night Jeff & I played in an overnight softball tournament down in Delta. There were 22 teams playing in the tournament and only 4 baseball fields. So, we had to wait a couple hours in between games. Our first game was at 8:00 pm. We won! Let me tell you a little bit about our team. Andy is a guy Jeff used to work with and he's the one who put the team together. There was like one other person we knew. A guy Jeff played in a league with. Every single person on the team (minus Jeff & I) started drinking during the first game. I probably don't even have to tell you how the rest of the games went ;)
While we were waiting for our second game, we barbecued some hamburgers & hot dogs at a pavilion. When we got tired of watching everyone get wasted, we went and sat in the car & I studied for a test for about an hour. Our second game started at 11:00. We lost.
At midnight they stopped all the games and had some running & throwing relays and an egg toss competition. The top 4 teams in each got prizes. Our team didn't do so hot....
Our next game didn't start until 3:00 am. Jeff & I tried to get some sleep in the car for a few hours. There was so much going on, lots of noise & it was hard to get comfortable, so that didn't go so well. At 2:30, Andy came and pounded on my window to wake us up. This game was probably the worst. We lost again.
Our next game was at 6:00 am. We didn't want to try the sleeping thing again so we sat & watched the 2 games before ours. It started to get really cold around 4:00 and everyone was freezing when we started our game. When the sun started to come up it got a lot warmer. This game went better. The other team won by only 2 points. But we were out of the tournament.
To be honest, I was kind of glad we were done. It was fun, but I don't know if I would do it again. Maybe with people I knew. Or people that were actually there to play softball.
P.S. I got a few pretty sweet bruises from falling down the bleachers :)
I don't do well with no sleep!


Amy Nielson said...

Plus you are just clutsy, even when you do have sleep!! ;) Love ya!!

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

LOL! We've heard about that Delta tourney! We'll have to invite you guys to play with our team next time :) Alcohol and softball usually don't work out well together, but I bet it was hilarious to watch :)

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

I can't believe you guys went all night playing does sound fun though! It's been a while since I've seen you...Hope you guys are doing well :)